OTR Trucking: What Is The Risk?

OTR Trucking research indicates that life as a trucker has its own hidden potential for fatalities. Truckers in the United States are in poor to bad shape. They suffer from major health issues such as obesity, back problems, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart problems and arthritis. These men and women health issues are created and spurred on by the working environment.

This is a hard battle to fight. Only recently have companies begun to take the matter seriously. The factors behind this decision include the soaring cost of insurance rates, the need to retain old truckers and the desire to entice new ones. Yet, while companies provide incentives to help truckers change the pattern of unhealthy living, it is really up to the individual to see what he or she can do.

OTR Trucking - Why not try a workout at a nearby gym?
Why not try a workout at a nearby gym?

Simple Solutions To Health Issues While On The Road

When you are heading out over the road and along the highway, make sure you take care to protect your health. Various programs, including "Truckercise" and SHIFT (Safety and Health Involvement for Truckers), are there to help you. In fact, a 2009 study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that combining inspirational interviews and computer-based training resulted in "significant reductions in dietary fat and sugar." Talk to your company and go online to find a method that will work for you in your situation.

It does not matter whether as a driver women health issues is the concern or if you are worried about your family. Consider these simple solutions:

  • During loading or unloading, go and work out at a nearby gym. Consider walking to town or along trails. Ride a bike
  • Cook in your cab on an electric grill and/or bring healthy snacks and foods
  • Avoid the greasy choices of truck stops and order healthy foods and snacks. This means no sodas, chocolate bars or chips
  • Consider walking around your cab. Sources state if you walk around an 18-wheeler 32 times it is equivalent to a mile
  • If you smoke, give it up
  • Join a 24-hour gym with locations across your driving region and use it
  • Make sure you get enough sleep. Consider any natural or prescription OTR sleep aids

Putting On The Brakes

With OTR Trucking, be aware of the potential health risks. Know what the causal factors are and how to correct any problems. It is also essential for all family members to understand the severity of the problem. If, as truckers, we all want to live healthy lives for our families and ourselves we need to know how to escape what can quickly become a problem that affects our health and our ability to function in our chosen occupation.

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As a truck driver, I see what the business of driving a truck can do to your health. I recognized early in my career the need to get an stay health.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for healthy snack ideas and ways to stay fit. Staying healthy is important for all of us.

Feel free to share your experiences of your life as a trucker and how you combat health issues. You can do this via our contact form.